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  • E4.42 Managing conflict with colleagues

    Managing conflict with colleagues Cooperation and communication with colleagues. >>

  • E3.3 New german spelling and DIN 5008

    New German spelling and DIN 5008 Apply simple rules to decide confidently how to handle commas, capitalisation, compound verbs and…

  • E3.2 Professional writing in English reports

    Professional writing in English reports Using concise formulation to deliver complex content. >>

  • E2.1 Time management Outlook

    Active time management and self-management with Microsoft Outlook Up to 40 % more effectivity by using eight simple principles. >>

  • E3.1 Complex issues in a nutshell

    Complex issues in a nutshell How to formulate concisely and focus on your targets and your audience. >>

  • E2.2 Time management intensive

    Intensive training course: Time management and office organisation Up to 40 % more effectivity by using eight easy principles. >>

  • E4.1 Presentation skills training

    Presentation skills training: presenting successfully Improving your personal impact. Identify and avoid presentation errors. >>

  • E1.7 Live chat service

    Dialogue training for staff providing a live chat service Achieve a positive effect for your company by means of clear, purposeful…

  • E1.1 E-mail and letter writing

    Modern and effective letters and emails How to write successful and effective letters and emails and reply respectfully to complaints.…

  • E4.2 Individual presentation skills coaching

    Individual presentation skills coaching: Improving your personal impact Identifying and avoiding presentation errors – Last rehearsal training. >>

  • E4.3 Hosting and facilitating effective meeting

    Hosting and facilitating effective meetings How to lead result-oriented meetings. >>

  • E4.5 International negotitations and meetings

    International negotiations and meetings skills Conducting successful negotiations with international counterparts. >>

  • E4.6 Working with international partners

    Working with international partners: developing cultural awareness Building efficient international teams. Improving cross-border business relationships. >>

  • E1.6 Telephone skills

    Successful telephone communication with customers Engage positively on the phone, actively steer your German speaking customer through the conversation. >>

  • E4.41 Managing conflict in teams

    Managing team conflicts Cooperation and communication in teams. >>

  • E4.8 Communication models for effective communication

    Communication models for effective communication Implement the ground rules for successful communication. >>

  • E4.7 Successful intercultural collaboration

    Successful intercultural collaboration Holistic approaches for global organisations. >>

  • E4.9 Assertive, non-aggressive communication

    Assertive, non-aggressive communication Retain composure in difficult or high-pressure situations. >>