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Live Online Seminar: Professional online presentations: Presenting online in video conferences – with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Skype

Live-Online-Seminar (deutsch) | Live Online Seminar (English) | E-Learning/Video-Kurs

Live Online Seminar: Professional online presentations: Presenting online in video conferences – with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, WebEx, Skype

Professionally plan, prepare and perform goal-oriented online presentations – optimise personal impact.

Online presentations have their own dynamics and place special demands on presenters and facilitators: Voice and visual information are your only means of control – and at the same time, the participants can take themselves out of the presentation at any time without being noticed. You therefore have to make consistent and stringent use of all available technical and personal means in order to focus the participants’ concentration on the presentation.

Due to the massive increase in home office work, many employees are now faced with the challenge of having to use the new medium professionally. The participants of this seminar learn, practice and consolidate all the skills necessary to perform online presentations – from two-person discussions to large groups, as meetings or sales presentations.

Seminar objectives: Participants learn how to optimally prepare and facilitate presentations, sales presentations, online meetings, video conferences and other online events, visualise content and deal confidently with the special technical and group dynamic challenges. They specifically optimise their impact in front of the microphone and camera.

Target group: Any person in the company who conducts or wants to conduct professional and focussed online meetings, video conferences, web seminars and other online events


  • Before the training, participants fill out a password-protected expectations questionnaire I put together the exact seminar content and plan based on the outcomes of the questionnaire.
  • Before the training, participants receive preparatory material with core tips for effective presentations. This is used to attune the participants to the seminar.

Seminar contents

Setting, technology and implementation options for online presentations

  • Tips and tricks for presenters in online events: How do virtual meetings and sales presentations differ from traditional presentations?
  • How do you generate and maintain the participants’ attention? How can you make targeted use of the technology available to you?
  • Technical options and recommended settings for your online meeting software
  • Layout of the presentation space: lighting, position, control monitor

 Optimising presentations for video conferences

  • Tips for the optimised preparation of the online presentation: pyramidal structure, action title, animated objects, gaze guidance
  • Use of animation to control attention

Optional: facilitation technology

  • Special characteristics of online facilitation
  • Optional tools for facilitation such as Mural, Miro,

Personal impact in video conference presentations

  • Optimise individual charisma, appearance and impact
  • Voice pitch, gestures, facial expressions, posture and body language – authentic and effective
  • Appearance: How do you present yourself in front of the camera? How do you speak to an “empty room” when the participants are not broadcasting video, or even audio?
  • Rhetorical tips
  • Recognise and avoid presentation errors – emphasise strengths

Practice: camera training for online video presentations

  • Consolidation through practical exercises with video recording and detailed individual feedback
  • The participants receive their own video file with feedback as well as a feedback sheet created by the trainer for download.


  • Teaching discussion, development through questions
  • Presentation and discussion of your own results
  • Active work with learning materials (quick reference cards)
  • Small group work
  • Practical exercises in the form of role play with individual feedback
  • Work on the participants’ own presentations
  • Practical setup of the settings for video presentations

Handbook, reference cards and service around the seminar

  • Seminar manual and seminar documents with exercises,
  • Quick reference cards in A5 format for a quick overview,
  • Additional material and PDF photo protocol by email,
  • After the seminar, each participant receives a personal video file with the results of their own practical exercise, including an individual evaluation.
  • Support after the seminar: Simply by e-mail or via the knowledge blog – participants can continue to ask questions and ask for tips after the seminar..

Your communication skills trainer:

Uwe Freund. Communication skills trainer, coach, copy optimiser (German). Uwe Freund has supported companies in improving internal and external communication since 1989 as a communication trainer, speaker, business coach and consultant for business letter and email writing, complaint management, time management, telephone skills and presentation skills. He develops company-specific concepts and materials to optimize written communication in customer service in German and supports the implementation with text modules and templates. Uwe has special sector expertise in automotive, health insurance, banks and financial services, insurance, legal partnerships, clothing/fashion. Uwe Freund lives in Munich, Germany.

  • University education: Political Science, Psychology and German Literature. Degree: M. A. (Magister/Master)
  • Coaching training based on Transactional Analysis; continued education in Gestalt, NLP, TCI, conflict management, group dynamics, sports training methodology, Meridian Based Psychology (MPC), INSIGHTS MDI (Accredited Consultant), Lumina Spark
  • Training languages: German (native speaker), English (business fluent, C2)

Training topics: Business Letter and Email Writing, Telephone Skills, Customer Service and Complaint Management, Time Management and Self-management, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills, Copywriting


  • BJV Bayerischer Journalistenverband (Bavarian Association of Journalists)
  • DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation) e. V., Mitglied im Arbeitsausschuss „Text- und Informationsverarbeitung für Büroanwendungen“ (Member of the committee for “Word and information processing for office applications”)
  • GfdS Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (Society for the German Language)

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Termine: Professionell online präsentieren in Video-Konferenzen

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