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Training course: Modern and effective letter and e-mail writing

Training course: Modern and effective letters and emails

How to write successful and effective letters and emails and reply respectfully to complaints. A compact training course

Contemporary business correspondence is clear yet personal. In this compact seminar, participants are provided with simple and effective tools for wording letters and e-mails in a professional, customer-oriented style. The key to a professional style lies in precise and succinct messages presented in a well-structured format.

Expectations of letters and e-mails have changed radically. Anyone writing in the „old style“ today conveys a poor image of their company to customers and other communication associates.

Contemporary letters and emails are clearly structured and precisely worded. They are recipient-focused, easy to understand and free of obsolete phrases or „officialese“.

Training objectives: Participants find out how to write in a contemporary style with a range of practical tips and suggestions. They learn how to work out a basic structure for daily letters and emails, enabling them to create texts more quickly, more confidently and with a clear target in mind.

Duration: 1 day, 9 am to 5 pm


  • Participants submit customer letters/e-mails and the relevant replies for prior analysis and formulate their questions and expectations of the training course.


  • The eight basic principles to follow for a contemporary letter and email style
  • What no longer works: obsolete , wrong  superfluous or clumsy expressions are replaced with flawless, approprioate, contemporary ones
  • Clear, targeted and precise formulations: drafting letters that are correctly and comprehensibly structured
  • Sensible structuring and the best possible line of argument
  • Primary and secondary purpose of the customer letter: choose positive, respectful wording which is not patronising
  • If necessary: create templates for commonly used texts
  • Write with formal precision: be familiar with and apply the guidelines and norms for correspondence
  • Optimise letters and emails written by participants

Handbook, quick reference cards and seminar service

  • Detailed seminar handbook and handouts with exercises
  • A5 quick reference cards as a brief summary
  • Supplementary material and PDF photographic protocol by email
  • Support after the seminar: simply by e-mail or using the Knowledge Blog – participants can continue to ask questions and request tips after the seminar

Your communication skills trainers:

During her 25 year career as a writer in the UK, Sarah Gibbons has developed excellent communication skills which have been expertly used in a diverse range of situations, including journalism, public relations and training. Sarah is also a regular contributor of articles to an international lifestyle magazine and author of promotional material for private sector companies. As well as writing traditional press releases for organisations and assisting them with their internal and external communications, Sarah also devises and implements social media strategies and delivers in-house communication training programmes to clients including police, IT companies, business coaches and the automotive industry. Sarah lives in Worcestershire, UK.

  • Education: BA degree in American Studies and French, a Certificate in Journalism and a Cert TESOL
  • Journalistic experience: Newspaper and magazine reporter and Editor in the UK, international lifestyle feature writer
  • Training language: English
  • Training topics: Business letter and email writing, Complaint management by letter and email, Press and publicity, Business English language courses, in-company communication workshops


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Business letter and e-mail writing

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Munich  12 Mar 2018
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Saint-Tropez  9 Jun 2018
Paris  5 May 2018 |  15 Sep 2018

Small groups: max. 6 participants |
Participation fee: 521,00 Euro/ £450 plus VAT
incl. handbook, reference cards, course material, lunch, beverages during course
for 2+ participants registered: -20 %

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