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Hosting and facilitating effective meetings – intensive training course

Training course: Hosting and facilitating effective meetings

How to lead result-oriented meetings.

Meetings are essential in business, but they can become one of the biggest time wasters in an organization. Therefore, facilitation skills are increasingly important for employees, managers and specialists. Running meetings via online tools like Skype offer great opportunities – and pose particular challenges.

Seminar objectives:

  • Plan and facilitate meetings to achieve results
  • Ensure clarity regarding reasons for meetings
  • Achieve aims and secure sustainable results in your meetings
  • Deal with conflict, obstructions or “difficult people”

You will plan the concrete contents of your coaching together with your coach in order to make sure that the coaching meets your needs and expectations exactly. The training will be a mixture of theory and extensive practical exercises to ensure transfer and reflection of the material learned.

Duration: 1 – 2 days, e.g. 9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Before starting the course, participants fill in an online questionaire and receive preparatory material.
  • Participants identify challenges they have experienced dealing with stakeholders, perhaps also from different countries with varying levels of expertise in speaking English.


  • The sense of facilitation and the role of the facilitator
  • Phase model for facilitation and agendas
  • Models for consensus-oriented decision processes
  • Detailed planning – developing a script for your meeting
  • Securing results and delegating tasks
  • Dos and Don’ts of meeting facilitation
  • Group dynamic aspects and avoiding conflicts
  • Intervention strategies for disturbances and conflicts


  • Interactive group discussions around challenging scenarios, reasons and effective resolutions
  • Practical interactive role play scenarios
  • Group exercises

Handbook, quick reference cards and seminar service

  • Detailed seminar handbook and handouts with exercises
  • A5 quick reference cards as a brief summary
  • Supplementary material and photographic minutes by email
  • Support after the seminar: simply by email or using the Knowledge Blog – participants are welcome to ask questions and request tips after the seminar

Uwe Freund. Communication skills trainer, coach, copy optimiser (German). Uwe Freund has supported companies in improving internal and external communication since 1989 as a communication trainer, speaker, business coach and consultant for business letter and email writing, complaint management, time management, telephone skills and presentation skills. He develops company-specific concepts and materials to optimize written communication in customer service in German and supports the implementation with text modules and templates. Uwe has special sector expertise in automotive, health insurance, banks and financial services, insurance, legal partnerships, clothing/fashion. Uwe Freund lives in Munich, Germany.

  • University education: Political Science, Psychology and German Literature. Degree: M. A. (Magister/Master)
  • Coaching training based on Transactional Analysis; continued education in Gestalt, NLP, TCI, conflict management, group dynamics, sports training methodology, Meridian Based Psychology (MPC), INSIGHTS MDI (Accredited Consultant), Lumina Spark
  • Training languages: German (native speaker), English (business fluent, C2)
  • Training topics: Business Letter and Email Writing, Telephone Skills, Customer Service and Complaint Management, Time Management and Self-management, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills, Copywriting

Cameron Paul: Translator, interpreter, copy optimiser. Cameron Paul studied German, French and Japanese in New Zealand, during his Master’s degree he specialised in translation from French into his native language, English. After completing his further certification in the training of English as a foreign language, he worked in New Zealand, Japan, France and England as a trainer, finally settling to work for companies in Germany as an English translator.

For more than twenty years Cameron has worked freelance in and around Munich as a translator and copy optimiser of managerial training programmes, presentations, financial reporting documents, technical manuals and data sheets, as well as various published books. His fields of experience include the automotive industry (technical and managerial development), the banking and finance sector, the chemical industry (diagnostics, biochemistry and silicone technologies), lighting and electronic technologies, software development for security systems, psychiatry and psychotherapy, whitewater training, guiding and safety.


  • Bachelor’s degree in German, French and Japanese
  • Master’s degree French Literature and Translation
  • Further qualifications in the fields of group dynamics, personal development, linguistics, interpretation and translation

Activities – spoken: Spontaneous interpretation of spoken communication, interpretation and communication support for meetings and video- / telephone conferences

Activities – written: Translation of written materials: Reports and documentation, technical data sheets and manuals, presentations and speeches, training materials for executive development, text books

Languages: English, German, French

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