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Time management: day planning with 60/20/20 rule

Time management: day planning with 60/20/20 rule
12. Februar 2023 Uwe Freund

Time management: Avoid frustration when planning you day – with the 60/20/20 rule

What is the rule for time planning? How much time can I plan for the next day?

For planning your day on the prior day, the 60/20/20 rule applies:

  • A maximum of 60% of your time can be planned
  • 20% is allotted for unpredictable things
  • 20% you will need for social activities in the broader sense such as networking, courtesy, informal colleague contact

60% is the maximum value. For example, in strongly customer-driven activities it can also be lower. However, at least 15 to 20% of the time used for any activity can be planned in any working environment.

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