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Seminar: Successful intercultural collaboration

Seminar: Successful intercultural collaboration

Holistic approaches for global organisations.

In today’s global economy, it is standard practice to interact with multiple partners from very different cultural backgrounds. Such cultures can be regional or national, social, organisational or corporate cultures. Success in the modern work environment demands both the understanding of the influence of culture, as well as sensitivity in dealing with irreconcilable differences in culture.

This seminar comprises theory and practise regarding national (inter-)cultural behaviour, as well as extensive practical exercises concerning differing corporate cultures.

Seminar objectives: In this seminar, participants learn to navigate confidently and act more flexibly in increasingly complex cultural environments. Participants learn to avoid affronts and promote collaboration through an attitude of acknowledgement, empathy and clear communication.

The content comprises theoretical input with extensive practical exercises. Participants are also able to deepen their knowledge and practical skills using real material out of their own work environment.

Duration: 1 – 2 days, e.g. 9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Before starting the course, participants fill in an online questionnaire and receive preparatory material.


  • Developing awareness for cultures – Hofstede’s Cultural Dimensions
  • Exploring various cultural models to understand behaviour
  • Case studies of corporate cultures and their problems / solutions
  • Understanding high and low context communication styles
  • Understanding “Peach” and “Coconut” cultures
  • Instilling a process of ongoing intercultural learning within the organisation


  • Interactive group discussions: challenging scenarios, identifying intercultural issues, seeking effective resolutions
  • Group exercises
  • Practical role play scenarios
  • Intervision

Handbook, quick reference cards and seminar service

  • Detailed seminar handbook and handouts with exercises
  • A5 quick reference cards as a brief summary
  • Supplementary material and photographic minutes by email
  • Support after the seminar: simply by email or using the Knowledge Blog – participants are welcome to ask questions and request tips after the seminar

Cameron Paul. Communication Skills Trainer and Coach. Cameron Paul studied German, French and Japanese in New Zealand, during his Master’s degree he specialised in translation into his native language, English. After completing his certification in the training of English as a foreign language, he worked in New Zealand, Japan, France and England as a trainer, finally settling to work for companies in Munich as an English trainer and translator.

For more than twenty years Cameron has worked freelance in and around Munich both as a trainer of individuals and groups and as a translator of training materials, manuals and various published books. His fields of experience include the automotive industry (technical and managerial development), the chemistry industry (diagnostics, biochemistry and silicone technologies), lighting and electronic technologies, software development for security systems, psychiatry and psychotherapy, white water training, guiding and safety.

  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in German, French and Japanese, Master’s degree French Literature and Translation, Various further qualifications in the field of training, group dynamics and personal development
  • Training languages: English, German, French

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