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Seminar: Telephone skills – effective customer communication

Seminar: Telephone skills – successful telephone communication with customers

Engage positively on the phone, actively steer your customer through the conversation.

The telephone is by far the most important instrument of business communication. In this seminar, participants learn how to selectively prepare phone calls with customers and use specific rhetorical means to engage positively. Working with sample phrases, participants develop individual phone call guidelines that enable them to cope confidently even in difficult situations.

Seminar objectives: Participants learn how to engage positively on the phone, actively steering the other person through the conversation. Voice and expression exercises enable participants to convey self-confidence and expertise. They learn how to remain in control in difficult situations.

Duration: 1 – 2 days, e.g. 9:00am – 5:00pm


  • Basic principles and quality criteria for successful phone calls
  • Preparation of specific phone calls: Phone call guide
  • Sample phrases for typical situations on the telephone
  • Making optimum use of questioning techniques such as activation questions, open/closed questions, alternative questions
  • Dealing with complaints and objections in a customer-oriented manner
  • Coping confidently with difficult situations
  • Development of individual elements and phone call guides
  • Practical exercises with recording and detailed assessment based on an assessment sheet

Handbook, quick reference cards and seminar service

  • Detailed seminar handbook and handouts with exercises
  • A5 quick reference cards as a brief summary
  • Supplementary material and photographic minutes by email
  • Support after the seminar: simply by email or using the Knowledge Blog – participants are welcome to ask questions and request tips after the seminar

Your telephone skills trainer:

Cameron Paul. Communication Skills Trainer and Coach. Cameron Paul studied German, French and Japanese in New Zealand, during his Master’s degree he specialised in translation into his native language, English. After completing his certification in the training of English as a foreign language, he worked in New Zealand, Japan, France and England as a trainer, finally settling to work for companies in Munich as an English trainer and translator.

For more than twenty years Cameron has worked freelance in and around Munich both as a trainer of individuals and groups and as a translator of training materials, manuals and various published books. His fields of experience include the automotive industry (technical and managerial development), the chemistry industry (diagnostics, biochemistry and silicone technologies), lighting and electronic technologies, software development for security systems, psychiatry and psychotherapy, white water training, guiding and safety.

  • Qualifications: Bachelor’s degree in German, French and Japanese, Master’s degree French Literature and Translation, Various further qualifications in the field of training, group dynamics and personal development
  • Training languages: English, German, French

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