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Time management: Kanban board paper and digital

Time management: Kanban board paper and digital
12. Februar 2023 Uwe Freund

Time management: Kanban board in paper and digital format

Quick and easy overview of currently open and completed tasks

The Kanban model offers a quick and easy overview of current completion status of your tasks. It originates from the field of software development. The basic idea is simple:

All the tasks on the Kanban board are allocated to the fields of “to do”, “doing” and “done”. Traditionally, cards or sticky notes such as Post-its were used. The three basic categories are then split up differing in complexity, e.g.  “pre-development”, “development”, “testing phase”, “finalising”.

A department’s board can then quickly take up a whole wall.

Beispiel: Kanban-Board in Papierform

Digital Kanban board using Trello

You could of course also portray the Kanban board with standard software such as Microsoft Powerpoint or Microsoft OneNote. Alternatively, you can use dedicated software applications such as Trello. This is especially sensible for teams and work groups that are spaced apart. Trello’s basic version is free.

Beispiel: Kanban-Board