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Time management: Identifying and implementing priorities

Time management: Identifying and implementing priorities
23. Januar 2023 Uwe Freund

Time management: Identifying and rigorously implementing your own priorities

In the overview of time-rated tasks, you sort your tasks in a ranking.

In order to be able to set priorities you will need to have a clear idea of what your tasks are and what you want to achieve. The overview of time-rated tasks will help.

What does an ranked task list look like?

The overview of time-rated tasks is a list of your priorities sorted by different tasks. These are put together in a ranking from 1 to …:

The following applies: If two tasks are competing with one another, normally the one with the higher ranking is to be worked on.

How do you create an overview of time-rated task to prioritize?

Perform the following 4 steps:

  • Step 1: How am I? Determine your personal thought pattens and your psychological drivers with tests such as the ones you receive in your Time management seminar.
  • Step 2: What do I want? Find out how to precisely see your tasks and what is personally important to you in your further development. Here, too, you will receive a questionnaire in the seminar.
  • Step 3: What do I actually do? Undergo a day and activity analysis. You can also download a form for free in the download section at uwefreund.com/download/.
  • Step 4: Which ranking do my tasks have? Create an overview of time-rated tasks which you can use to prioritize.

Adjust this ranking with your superiors and/or with your professional environment.