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Active time management and self-management with Microsoft Outlook

Active time management and self-management with Microsoft Outlook

Up to 40 % more effectivity by using eight simple principles.

Modern working life is subject to increasing complexity as well as an expectation of permanent availability. In this seminar participants learn the basic principles of effective time management. They identify psychological factors affecting their use of time and learn methods to develop their own personal time management system based on Microsoft Outlook.

Seminar objectives: Participants analyse their work situation and processes and they work to develop or learn solutions and techniques that enable them to plan their time effectively and cope confidently with stressful situations. They learn how to make efficient use of the time planning tool Microsoft Outlook.

Duration: 1 day, z. B. 09:00 bis ca. 17:00 Uhr


  • Before starting the course, participants fill out a password-protected expectations questionnaire. I compile the specific seminar content and structure based on the results of the questionnaire.
  • Before the course starts, participants receive two 360-degree potential analysis questionnaires and fill these out by way of preparation. The time required for this is approx. 15 – 25 minutes.


  • Personal status quo analysis: Where can you improve individually? What is currently stopping you doing so?
  • Levels of time management and change
  • Identifying organisational errors, disruptions and time-consumers
  • Personal mindsets and psychological factors affecting one’s own approach to time
  • Basic principles for effective time management
  • Day planning, performance curve and priorities (ABC analysis and the Pareto principle)
  • Finding a combination of traditional media and electronic organizational aids which provides the best personal match
  • Efficient appointment and task organization using Microsoft Outlook
  • Strategies for optimum individual implementation and a concrete implementation plan

Handbook, quick reference cards and support

  • Detailed seminar handbook and handouts with exercises
  • A5 quick reference card as a brief summary
  • Supplementary material and PDF photographic protocol by e-mail
  • Support after the seminar: simply by e-mail or using the Knowledge Blog – participants can continue to ask questions and request tips after the seminar

Your communication skills trainer:

Uwe Freund has supported companies in improving internal and external communication since 1989 as a communication trainer, speaker, business coach and consultant for business letter and email writing, complaint management, time management, telephone skills and presentation skills. He develops company-specific concepts and materials to optimize written communication in customer service in German and supports the implementation with text modules and templates. Uwe has special sector expertise in automotive, health insurance, banks and financial services, insurance, legal partnerships, clothing/fashion. Uwe Freund lives in Munich, Germany.

  • University education: Political Science, Psychology and German Literature. Degree: M. A. (Magister/Master)
  • Coaching training based on Transactional Analysis; continued education in Gestalt, NLP, TCI, conflict management, group dynamics, sports training methodology, Meridian Based Psychology (MPC), INSIGHTS MDI (Accredited Consultant), Lumina Spark
  • Training languages: German (native speaker), English (business fluent, C2)
  • Training topics: Business Letter and Email Writing, Telephone Skills, Customer Service and Complaint Management, Time Management and Self-management, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills, Copywriting

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Active time management

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Saint-Tropez  9 Jun 2018
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Small groups: max. 6 participants |
Participation fee: 521,00 Euro/ £450 plus VAT
incl. handbook, reference cards, course material, lunch, beverages during course
for 2+ participants registered: -20 %

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