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Text optimisation German: letters, emails, presentations, reports

Text optimisation by professional copywriters: letters, emails, information texts, presentations, web texts, reports, templates, text modules – in German.

Your letters, emails, information texts, presentations, web texts, reports, text modules and templates – tailor-made in perfect, effective German.

The expectations of letters and e-mails, information texts, presentations or web texts have changed fundamentally. Anyone who still writes „old style“ conveys a negative image of their own company to their customers and other communication partners.

  • Contemporary texts, presentations, letters and e-mails are clearly designed and precisely formulated.
  • They are receiver-oriented, easy to understand and free of dusty phrases and bureaucratic expressions.
  • They are of course all written with correct spelling, correct grammar, in language that is precisely tailored to the target group.
  • Texts used in the internet are search engine optimised (SEO) and can reach high positions in the generic section of Google’s search results.

Are your texts still up-to-date, or ready for an update?

Your benefit: More satisfied customers, less conflict writing and greater acceptance.

The specialist departments of companies often lack the time required to adapt, in particular, templates and modules in addition to completing their daily work. Also, when different people are given the task of adapting written documents and texts, it can lead to a lack of uniformity in formulations, structure and appearance.

  • We adapt the structure, language and all formalities according to the specific, current state of your texts. This ensures uniformity and transparency of all changes at all times.
  • Upon request, we can also compile all core formulations and rules clearly on a reference card.
  • We then optimise all correspondence and deliver you a complete, uniformly formulated package.
  • Of course, we also correct: spelling errors, grammatical errors, sentence errors, punctuation errors.
  • Search engine optimisation (SEO): We prepare your texts for use on the internet. These are of course Google-optimised, including all meta tags.
  • Our rapid service ensures all templates are made available to you quickly and are ready for immediate use.
  • If required we will of course also process your texts in parallel, in German, in English and in other languages.

Results in your desired formats

  • You will receive all files as e.g. Word, PowerPoint, or Excel documents, if available, with the “track changes” setting activated. Here you can see at a glance which optimisations we have made in each specific document.
  • You can then decide individually what you want to do with each change.
  • Of course, we also process your texts in HTML format or directly in the IT system you use.
  • Upon request, you will also receive an overview of all letters and the individual changes as a PDF document. This gives you a complete, convenient overview.

More cost effective than internal processing

The costs depend solely on the size of the documents and the degree of processing required. Processing and optimisation is thus significantly cheaper than when processing is done by internal staff. This finding was determined independently by two separate clients of ours, a financial service provider and a health insurance company, for whom we processed 80 to 600 templates in this form.

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Your text optimisers: seasoned professionals with the knowledge you need.

Uwe Freund. Communication skills trainer, coach, copy optimiser (German). Uwe Freund has supported companies in improving internal and external communication since 1989 as a communication trainer, speaker, business coach and consultant for business letter and email writing, complaint management, time management, telephone skills and presentation skills. He develops company-specific concepts and materials to optimize written communication in customer service in German and supports the implementation with text modules and templates. Uwe has special sector expertise in automotive, health insurance, banks and financial services, insurance, legal partnerships, clothing/fashion. Uwe Freund lives in Munich, Germany.

  • University education: Political Science, Psychology and German Literature. Degree: M. A. (Magister/Master)
  • Coaching training based on Transactional Analysis; continued education in Gestalt, NLP, TCI, conflict management, group dynamics, sports training methodology, Meridian Based Psychology (MPC), INSIGHTS MDI (Accredited Consultant), Lumina Spark
  • Training languages: German (native speaker), English (business fluent, C2)

Training topics: Business Letter and Email Writing, Telephone Skills, Customer Service and Complaint Management, Time Management and Self-management, Presentation Skills and Facilitation Skills, Copywriting


  • BJV Bayerischer Journalistenverband (Bavarian Association of Journalists)
  • DIN Deutsches Institut für Normung (German Institute for Standardisation) e. V., Mitglied im Arbeitsausschuss „Text- und Informationsverarbeitung für Büroanwendungen“ (Member of the committee for “Word and information processing for office applications”)
  • GfdS Gesellschaft für deutsche Sprache (Society for the German Language)

Barbara Schmieder: copywriter, text optimiser with a focus on the press and the public. Barbara Schmieder contributes a wealth of expertise in corporate communications. For more than 20 years, she has been helping corporations shape their communications to all of their stakeholder groups, both internal and external. In addition to classic press work and employee communication, in their myriad facets, professional and targeted communication in change processes and crisis situations has been one of the focal points of her work. Barbara Schmieder lives in Bremen today.

  • University Studies: Politics, English and German Studies in Munich – Degree: M.A. (Master of Arts)
  • Journalistic activity in press offices and magazine editors
  • Consultant in communication agencies in Munich and Berlin, communication officer in companies and public institutions
  • Seminar topics: Press and public relations, press releases, customer magazines, employee newspapers, sales texts

robert-eberhard-swRobert Eberhard. Search Engine Optimizer SEO/SEA, Website Optimiser. Robert Eberhard manages the online marketing agency cult consult and advises companies on the effective optimisation of their websites for search engines such as Google. Services range from page analysis to the final formulated and optimized website. As a trained industrial clerk and media literate, he can optimally reconcile technical and commercial factors. Robert Eberhard lives in Munich.

  • Studies: Media Informatic in Furtwangen – Degree: Diploma in Computer Science
  • Seminar topics: texts for the web and SEO, search engine optimisation SEO and search engine marketing SEA (Affiliate Marketing, Keyword Advertising, Google AdWords)

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